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hosted by Aligned and Sacred 
Alex Kaufmann + Elena Lakay

- for feminine identifying beings only -


 This is the call of the goddess. Dive into a divine feminine collective rich with passion, growth, love, and understanding. Goddess Rising is a healing getaway curated to help you explore the depths of your fierce woman power. Using the tools of movement, sacred rituals, breathwork, meditation, and reflection, we will tap into the importance of putting yourSELF first, expanding your goddess circle, and unlocking ancient yoni codes. Tune into your intentions, desires, and goals, and set the foundation for the rise of your innate goddess. Join Alex and Elena for this magical experience in the beautiful Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

The time is now. Let go, rest, renew and revive.

Eleuthera [ ih-loo-ther-uh ]

"Eleuthera" derives from the feminine form of the Greek adjective ἐλεύθερος (eleútheros), meaning "freedom"